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What is the etiquette to taking a call in a restaurant? Or responding to a loud phone call at the table next to you?

We’ve all had the world’s most exciting news that we wanted to share with a friend at that exact moment regardless of where we are or who we are with.  And while we may be enthralled in the conversation, we often forget that the company around us is less than interested and *gasp* may find [...]

How do I celebrate a friend’s birthday at my party?

Dear Gwyn, I recently had a graduation party that fell on the same day as an invited guest’s birthday.  What is the appropriate way to celebrate both, even if the party was designated as one thing? Thanks, Someone Else’s Celebrations in Seattle Hi: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a party on every day [...]

Is it acceptable to study in a coffee shop?

I’m a graduate student and often like to study off-campus at the local coffee shop.  Is it ok to study in a coffee shop and how long can I study there? As long as you are a patron, it is absolutely acceptable to get a change of scenery and spice up the long dull hours [...]

Who pays for a first date when you met online?

Dear Gwyn, I have a first date with a guy I met on an online dating site.  He invited me to dinner this Friday; am I expected to pay? Woohoo! First dates are so much fun.  Even the dates with duds make for an entertaining story with your girlfriends later.  But the stress, trepidation and [...]