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At what point in a flirtatious conversation do you mention you are in a relationship?

Dear Gwyn, Often after work I’ll stop by the bar for a happy hour drink before returning home to my boyfriend.  Especially when I’m with my single friends, I’ll meet men and am always unsure at what point to mention my relationship.  At what point in a flirtatious conversation or situation should you mention you [...]

Is giving a pie as a housewarming gift the appropriate welcome?

Dear Gwyn, My husband and I are debating the best way to welcome our new neighbors to the building.  Should I take homemade pies to welcome  our new neighbors? Please send me the name of your apartment building and I will be signing a lease tomorrow. This is the most delicious house-warming I’ve heard. Welcoming [...]

When I attend a wedding as a date, should I buy a gift for the bride and groom?

I am attending a wedding with my boyfriend.  I’ve become friends with the couple too, but only through him.  Do I buy a gift for the couple or pitch in on a gift with my boyfriend? Or, is he in charge? An excuse to dress up. Good drinks. Mediocre food. Friends.  Dancing. And of course [...]


What is the appropriate way to respond after an unplanned social encounter with your boss?

Last week, I ran into my supervisor at the store and she invited me to her house to look at some yard equipment that she might have been willing to part with.  Once there, she opened a bottle of wine and we chatted for a few hours before parting ways.  What’s the next step?  Does [...]

How do you ask a noisy neighbor to keep quiet and respect your sleep?

I live below some very loud neighbors in an older apartment building.  Every morning the woman upstairs marches around in her heels above my bedroom from 6-7am waking me up and torturing me for an hour before she leaves for work.  I really just want to ask her to wait until she leaves for work [...]