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Should women expect men to hold the door?

Dear Gwyn, I think it is rude when I am walking with a guy and he goes through a doorway first. Boys still need to know that ladies go first!! How do I know when to expect this, and when men are just being rude? I am an advocate for equality between men and women, [...]

Gifts for Engagement Parties and Wedding Events on a Budget

Hi Gwyn, A very good friend of mine just got engaged and will be getting married next year. I was just invited to an engagement party hosted by her future in-laws, whom I have never met. I am anticipating that between now and the wedding itself, there will be multiple other events (wedding shower, bachelorette [...]

A Brief Lapse in Etiquette

Over the past few weeks (ok, months) I am sure many tears were shed as etiquette blunders ensued around the globe.  But do not fret, once again there will be etiquette answers for your unanswered etiquette questions.