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How do I catch up with an old friend?

Dear Gwyn, A long lost friend has been on my mind.  I would like to reach out with an email but don’t know if I should keep the email brief or share my life’s story since we last spoke.  What is the best way to say “hi” after all of this time?   Reminiscing with [...]

Tip of the Day 1

Keep your hand sanitizer handy at work. Not only will it be a good reminder to use it frequently, it will remind your colleagues to make the effort to stay healthy too.

Can I invite friends to a bridal shower who aren’t wedding guests?

Dear Gwyn, A good friend of mine is getting married in March and I’d like to throw her a shower. I’m not in the wedding party but am one of her few local friends.  Is it still o.k. to throw a party for her, or is that something that just a family member or member [...]

How do I get out of my double booked plans?

Gwyn! About a month ago my sister called to tell me she was coming into town to visit a friend this weekend and that she might be bringing her teenage daughter. She asked if I’d like to spend the weekend with her daughter while she gallivanted with her girlfriend. I was happy to accept the [...]

How to Indicate Dinner Cost on an Invitation

Dear Ms. Gwyn A friend of mine is celebrating her big 3-0 birthday and I’m throwing her a party.  She asked for a dinner with friends.  We’ve reserved a private room at her favorite restaurant and coordinated a fixed menu with the chef. The cost per plate is a bit more than I can swing [...]