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How to Gracefully Receive Compliments without Feeling Obligated to Reciprocate

For some reason we have the horrible habit of feeling uncomfortable when compliments are bestowed upon us.  As if our stuttering to accept the compliment wasn’t enough of an embarrassment, we further blight the situation with a rushed and disingenuous reciprocal compliment.  Yet, as we all know there are few things more flattering than a [...]

Tip(sy) Tuesday

Colds seem to linger, and so do those nasty coughs.  Just because you’re “not contagious” anymore, continue to cover you cough when company is present.

How do I indicate guests of bridal shower are not invited to the wedding?

Hi Gwyn, I am hosting a bridal shower for the future daughter in law of a friend. We intend to invite friends who will not be invited to the small wedding in another state.  Would you have suggested wording that I could use on the shower invitation? As more couples choose destination weddings or opt [...]

Heli Skiing + Family Vacation + Wine = Week Holiday

To my fabulous, wonderful, faithful readers, I am on holiday for the week and will return to you Monday, February 29th.  Until then, may your week be free of etiquette blunders. Sincerely, Gwyn


Fashionable Friday | Kate Spade Mittens

Today kicks off the first “Fashionable Friday,” a day to recognize some of the finer and more eye-catching items in life.  And what better way to kick off than the classic and youthful, Kate Spade.  I recently received the “Over Here” mittens and couldn’t be more charmed.  As if the colorful, cozy knits weren’t endearing [...]