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Tip(sy) Thursday

Everyone enjoys a little recognition for hard work; saying thank you goes a long way to showing your appreciation.


Using Your Cell Phone Around Friends

We’re all guilty of being distracted by our cell phones, even when we spend time with friends.  If you take the time to visit with your friend, you likely want to enjoy each other’s company. The distraction of the rest of the world takes away from this.  However, in today’s busy society the reality is [...]

Tip(sy) Tuesday

❤ Everybody loves being loved. Wish your lover, family, friends, colleagues and even strangers a Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

What is Proper Flight Etiquette?

Dear Gwyn, I travel for work frequently and I am constantly appalled by what fellow travelers consider proper flight etiquette.  What are the “must knows” of travel etiquette? How the times have changed! Flying to visit a friend from one coast to the other is no longer a rare occasion, rather it is becoming the [...]

When is it acceptable to wear sweatpants or workout clothes in public?

Changing into comfortable attire after a long day of work can be just heavenly. Sweatpants can be the ingredient to make your movie night perfect.  However, just as we consider our company and the event we are attending as we pull together our outfits for the day, we cannot forget that sweatpants have a purpose [...]