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Balancing the Bride’s Dream Bachelorette and Guests’ Budgets

Hi Gwyn! Let me start off by saying, I follow your etiquette website and am a big fan. I had a question for you: I’m starting to plan a friend’s bachelorette party and it will be out of state. Because all of the bride’s friends are all over the country we are going to make [...]

Tip(sy) Thursday

We all run late sometimes. With technology at our fingertips it is so easy to make running late a habit. After all, texting “I’m so sorry but I got caught in traffic” while you’re dashing up to the restaurant seems to be the easy route towards forgiveness.  As time goes on though, all of those “I’m so [...]

Tip(sy) Tuesday

The next time you make a coffee run, ask a colleague or two if you can grab a drink for them.  The thoughtfulness and small cost will go a long way to brightening their days and adding up brownie points in the office.


How to Acknowledge Silly Compliments

Dear Gwyn, Often I receive the compliment, “You have brown eyes!” in the middle of a conversation.  How do I respond? Thank you so much! Minka Minka, of all the troubles in the world, having others call out our points of beauty is certainly not the worst to deal with! But it’s true, having someone [...]

Fashionable Friday | Filson

Every proper lady knows that fashion is only fashionable in the right setting. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Prada Pumps and Banana Republic Bangles.  But, neither of these are suitable for trips to the family ranch (can you say, City Slickers?), fly fishing in Alaska, or just sitting by a campfire.  A  perfectly [...]