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Tip(sy) Thursday

Much like a conversation, texting can resonate our tones and the type of relationship we have with recipient. Unlike our conversations, we lose out on facial expressions, and despite our best efforts to use emoticons, our state of emotion isn’t as clear as an in-person conversation.  Whether you are writing a text or receiving it, always [...]

Tip(sy) Tuesday

When you come home to a pool of water and find yourself emergency dialing your trusty plumber, it takes all of your willpower to mutter about the unplanned cost too loudly. So when you receive the final bill the added worry of tipping on the spot is that little extra aggravation no one wants to face. The [...]


How to Host a Shower before a Destination Wedding and at Home Reception

Dear Gwyn, My daughter is having a destination wedding in October, I would like to have a shower for her but not sure who to invite and how to word the invitation when her AHR won’t be until the following June …. What is proper? Please help!!! More and more the non-traditional wedding is becoming [...]

Fashionable Friday | Bright Polish

The bright nail polishes of the season are absolutely energizing. My personal favorite right now is Essie’s “Meet Me at Sunset.” We could discuss the proper colors for work, parties, and dinners with diplomats, but instead today is a simple reminder of how dreadful chipped nails appear. And with this season’s glorious brights, those chips stand out [...]