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How do I deal with a friend who is always one-upping every story?

Dear Gwyn, I have a childhood friend with whom I’ve recently reacquainted. I love catching up with her and remembering our adventures as kids. Over the years though she’s developed the habit of out-doing everyone.  We can’t even share a story about our vegetable gardens without her talking about how her vegetable garden is even [...]

Infrequent Advice

Dear Gwyn, I love reading your etiquette advice.  Why don’t you post more frequently? My, that is flattering!  I would love to post more frequently. In fact, if I could help to solve the world’s etiquette blunders full-time I would be on cloud nine. Sadly though, I have a full time job outside of The [...]

How do I invite guests requesting “ceremony only” wedding invitations?

Dear Gwyn, My son is getting married in about 6 weeks. He and his fiance are having a small wedding with just family and a few close personal friends of theirs. He has grown up in the church where they are getting married. Several people in the congregation have asked to attend the ceremony even [...]

How to Invite Guests not Attending the Wedding to a Shower?

Dear Gwyn, I would like to host a shower for my stepdaughter who is having a smaller wedding (not really). To be honest, we were given only a small number of people to invite (her stepfather is paying for the wedding and we have been dismissed and excluded from all planning). Ultimately, my stepdaughter is [...]