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Tip(sy) Tuesday

We’re in full holiday mode and that means trying to keep track of all of the holidays.  When someone wishes you a holiday greeting that you don’t celebrate, accept thier wishes and feel free to add your own holiday wishes too. You can respond to “Happy Hanukka!” with “Happy Hannuaka and a Merry Christmas too!”

How to Say No to Imposing Friends?

Dear Gwyn, I am going hunting at my girlfriend’s family property this weekend.  A friend of mine is meeting me there on Saturday morning for a guy’s weekend.  About a week before our trip he decided to bring his wife and dog. Now he is also asking to head up on Friday night before me. [...]

Fashionable Friday | Holiday Dressy

 The holiday season is upon us. As we get ready to enjoy the winter festivities, each holiday party requires the ever-so-different outfit. What does “holiday dressy mean?” Dressing the part is so much less about being right and so much more abot making yourself, the host(ess) and guests feel comfortable and allow each other to focus [...]

Tip(sy) Thursday

Haircuts are an easy way to update your look. Sometimes this works out beautifully, and other times it is an experiement gone wrong. The Good:  Compliment away. The Bad: Don’t comment, or use an ambiguous comment, “Hey, it looks like you got a haircut.” The Ugly: No need to comment at all!  Or if it [...]


How Do We Let Wedding Shower Guests Know this is the Only Event

Dear Gwyn, My daughter is having a last minute private wedding for immediate family in less than 4 weeks. It’s coming together nicely but I have one issue. The groom’s mom wants to do a shower. The groom is in the Air Force and is only home for 14 days before re-assignment so I want [...]