Welcome to The Etiquette Spot

We’ve all been in a sticky situation where we just don’t know how to gracefully dig ourselves out of a hole, or better yet, avoid digging a hole in the first place.

And let’s face it, the Martha Stewarts and Emily Posts of the world are hardly helpful when it comes to that great aunt who won’t stop sending chain emails or figuring out the do’s and don’ts of attending your ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

After fielding the unanswered etiquette questions for friends over the years, and stumbling through more than my share of etiquette conundrums, it’s time to put pen to paper and see if the world is ready for answers to our everyday questions.

I am a firm believer that etiquette is not as much about the rules as it is about making company feel comfortable.  My responses will always keep this in mind; and hopefully you’ll find that The Etiquette Spot is a place where you can ask those unanswered questions and get a little help navigating life with  a few less blunders.