Is it acceptable to study in a coffee shop?

I’m a graduate student and often like to study off-campus at the local coffee shop.  Is it ok to study in a coffee shop and how long can I study there?

As long as you are a patron, it is absolutely acceptable to get a change of scenery and spice up the long dull hours of studying at your favorite coffee shop.

A coffee shop is a business, but some of the intangible parts of business is customer satisfaction.  More and more, providing free wi-fi in coffee shops and comfortable seating is a means of welcoming in customers to sit and stay for a while.  If you choose to lounge around and study while your coffee gets cold or long past you picked the crumbs from your cupcake liner, keep these few things in mind:

  • First and foremost, remain a paying customer.  Buy an item every time you come in, and every hour or two make sure to make another purchase.
  • Keep the baristas happy. Get to know them by name, and tipping a little extra every now and again will work magic.
  • Don’t take up seats that are needed by others.  Your books might like the cushy seat next to you, put paying customers may appreciate it more.
  • Appreciate the free wi-fi, but remember it’s free.  It’s one thing to let your new barista friend know the wi-fi is down, but if you complain about the speed expect a reminder that you can find faster wi-fi at another coffee shop.
  • And finally, as cozy as you get, remember this isn’t your home; try not to read the paper in the restroom or kick your feet up on the booth.

Now go grab another venti-soy-extra-caramel-something-or-other and learn important things.

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