How to Acknowledge Silly Compliments

Dear Gwyn,

Often I receive the compliment, “You have brown eyes!” in the middle of a conversation.  How do I respond?

Thank you so much!


Minka, of all the troubles in the world, having others call out our points of beauty is certainly not the worst to deal with! But it’s true, having someone compliment you on something you can’t control is always a bit unusual and requires the right response to avoid sounding ungrateful or snarky.

Sadly, there are times when the person complimenting you isn’t sincere in his or her motives, and for that situation I recommend a few tips on How to Receive a Compliment Gracefully.

When someone compliments your eyes, name, or other God-given attribute for that matter, it is best to acknowledge the compliment for what it is and then continue your conversation.

  • Acknowledge the Compliment: Truly, a simple “thank you” will do.
  • Humbly Share Your Pride: If the complement touches on something particularly flattering or unusual and you feel the need to elaborate, an additional fact is plenty. You may respond with, “Thank you, my parents are both Irish.”  Be careful though, if you sincerely don’t want to diverge the conversation, too much acknowledgement do so.
  • Continue the Topic of Conversation: There is no better way to avoid the topic than to pick up the conversation where you left off.

This simple tactic will help you feel more comfortable when you receive compliments and hopefully help to diminish any uncomfortable conversations.  Bat your eyes and know that you can easily accept the compliments.