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Tip(sy) Thursday

Facebook banter with friends is so much fun!  Until it gets a wee bit out of hand. Maybe it’s because you shared something that you don’t want your boss to see, or your friends posted a picture that opposed your “no red booze cups” rule. Whatever the reason, it’s time to nip those posts in the butt with [...]

How do you ask your coworkers to stop offering you food?

Dear Gwyn, How do you tell your coworker to stop offering you food? This happens to me every day and my colleague looks offended when I decline. Today she offered me carrot cak. I ate it because I felt bad, but now I feel worse for eating it. Yowsers!  It is so unfortunate that you have to [...]

Tip(sy) Tuesday

Do you have pets? Are they your best friends? As much as we may love our pets, our friends and guests may not enjoy their company as much as we do.  When you have friends over do your best to keep your pets out of your friends space unless your friends invite them.  If your [...]

Fashionable Friday | Birchbox Monthly Beauty

There is a fabulous trend right now, boxes of samples send to your home every month.  There are themes to each box, natural food snacks, puppy treats adn toys, and my personal favorite: Birchbox, a box of beauty samples that arrive to your home. I’m not sure what I love most, the range of samples [...]

Tip(sy) Thursday

Who doesn’t like to look her best? When you make the effort to put on makeup in the morning, before a date or a big night out, it is nice to keep up our appearnace. A “fresh face” can add confidence and even sets the tone of the events we are attending. If you do use [...]