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Tip(sy) Tuesday

Ok it happens, people belch. Ideally this is not intentional, but intentional or not, it does occur. Hopefully, the offendor at least has he etiquette knowledge and decency to appoloize and excuse himself or *gasp* herself. When this doesn’t happen you are in every right, nay, it is your duty to apologize for the offensive [...]

How do I get money back from a friend without ruining our friendship?

Dear Gwyn, I lent my friend money a few months ago.  We both agreed that she would pay me back and that it was ok to remind her. Now it has been six months and I could really use the money back. I don’t want to pester her, and I don’t want to ruin our [...]

How do I collect addresses from my wedding guests?

Dear Gwyn, I am getting married and am starting to confirm addresses for our save the dates and wedding invitations. This is a much more time consuming process than I thought it would be and there are some people who don’t want to share their addresses. What do I do when a guest doesn’t want [...]

How do I tell in-laws that they may only invite a few guests to a wedding shower?

Dear Gwyn, I am getting married and my wonderful matron of honor has offered to throw me a bridal shower. After talking about what I want and the guest list, we decided that 30 people is a good number. I don’t want anything too big and really it’s what she can afford. Which of course [...]

How do I ask my neighbors to turn off the annoying holiday decorations and music?

Dear Gwyn, I love the holidays, but my neighbor is starting to make me a bitter scrooge.  They have a lot of decorations on their lawn and one of the decorations plays “Jingle Bells” on repeat all night long. I can hear the music in my house and it is driving me nuts. I don’t want [...]