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How do you ask your coworkers to stop offering you food?

Dear Gwyn, How do you tell your coworker to stop offering you food? This happens to me every day and my colleague looks offended when I decline. Today she offered me carrot cak. I ate it because I felt bad, but now I feel worse for eating it. Yowsers!  It is so unfortunate that you have to [...]

Tip(sy) Tuesday

Do you have pets? Are they your best friends? As much as we may love our pets, our friends and guests may not enjoy their company as much as we do.  When you have friends over do your best to keep your pets out of your friends space unless your friends invite them.  If your [...]

How do I stop people next to me from reading my book?

Dear Gwyn, I travel quite a bit for work and most of the time use public transportation. I’m fortunate that my city has busses and a light rail  I also fly about once a month.  It seems like whenver I’m traveling or commuting, I have a someone next to me reading my book or looking at [...]

Tip(sy) Thursday

Who doesn’t like to look her best? When you make the effort to put on makeup in the morning, before a date or a big night out, it is nice to keep up our appearnace. A “fresh face” can add confidence and even sets the tone of the events we are attending. If you do use [...]

Tip(sy) Tuesday

Ok it happens, people belch. Ideally this is not intentional, but intentional or not, it does occur. Hopefully, the offendor at least has he etiquette knowledge and decency to appoloize and excuse himself or *gasp* herself. When this doesn’t happen you are in every right, nay, it is your duty to apologize for the offensive [...]