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Fashionable Friday | Slips

Ladies,there is something that your mother may have insisted on as a child, but has since been thrown to the cavernous abyss of your childhood – that’s right, slips.  But the frilly, cheap material of past is long gone and there’s a new slip on the block.  Here is the beauty of a good slip: In the winter, a [...]

Fashionable Friday | Holiday Dressy

 The holiday season is upon us. As we get ready to enjoy the winter festivities, each holiday party requires the ever-so-different outfit. What does “holiday dressy mean?” Dressing the part is so much less about being right and so much more abot making yourself, the host(ess) and guests feel comfortable and allow each other to focus [...]

Fashionable Friday | Filson

Every proper lady knows that fashion is only fashionable in the right setting. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Prada Pumps and Banana Republic Bangles.  But, neither of these are suitable for trips to the family ranch (can you say, City Slickers?), fly fishing in Alaska, or just sitting by a campfire.  A  perfectly [...]

Fashionable Friday | Long Pencil Skirts

The pencil skirt is a fashion staple. With the variety of colors and fabrics, you can wear pencils thoughout the year.  So how do you take a classic make it a bit more fresh and a heck of a lot more sexy?  Drop the hemline from the top of the knee to just below.