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How do I collect addresses from my wedding guests?

Dear Gwyn, I am getting married and am starting to confirm addresses for our save the dates and wedding invitations. This is a much more time consuming process than I thought it would be and there are some people who don’t want to share their addresses. What do I do when a guest doesn’t want [...]

How do I tell a hostess that I’m a vegetarian?

Dear Gwyn, I’m often perplexed about if/how to raise the issue of my vegetarianism when invited to someone new’s house for dinner. When hosts do not inquire about my dietary restrictions before planning their menu, should I politely inform them? And if so, how? Or should I just hope there are plenty of sides to [...]

How do I invite guests requesting “ceremony only” wedding invitations?

Dear Gwyn, My son is getting married in about 6 weeks. He and his fiance are having a small wedding with just family and a few close personal friends of theirs. He has grown up in the church where they are getting married. Several people in the congregation have asked to attend the ceremony even [...]

Balancing the Bride’s Dream Bachelorette and Guests’ Budgets

Hi Gwyn! Let me start off by saying, I follow your etiquette website and am a big fan. I had a question for you: I’m starting to plan a friend’s bachelorette party and it will be out of state. Because all of the bride’s friends are all over the country we are going to make [...]

How to Host a Shower before a Destination Wedding and at Home Reception

Dear Gwyn, My daughter is having a destination wedding in October, I would like to have a shower for her but not sure who to invite and how to word the invitation when her AHR won’t be until the following June …. What is proper? Please help!!! More and more the non-traditional wedding is becoming [...]