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How do I tell a hostess that I’m a vegetarian?

Dear Gwyn, I’m often perplexed about if/how to raise the issue of my vegetarianism when invited to someone new’s house for dinner. When hosts do not inquire about my dietary restrictions before planning their menu, should I politely inform them? And if so, how? Or should I just hope there are plenty of sides to [...]

How do I deal with a house guest who wet the bed?

Dear Gwyn, What is the proper etiquette for asking a house guest if she wet the bed.  Do you ask or do you just wash the sheets and not say anything? Oh my!  Let’s hope this situation isn’t something you run into every day!  As fun as it is to have a house guest, it [...]

How do I get rid of a couch surfing friend?

Dear Gwyn, A friend of mine moved to Denver and I offered to let her stay at my home until she found her own apartment.  It’s been two months now and she’s still sleeping on my couch.  I love my friend to death, but I just might kill her if she doesn’t move.  How do [...]

How do I celebrate a friend’s birthday at my party?

Dear Gwyn, I recently had a graduation party that fell on the same day as an invited guest’s birthday.  What is the appropriate way to celebrate both, even if the party was designated as one thing? Thanks, Someone Else’s Celebrations in Seattle Hi: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a party on every day [...]