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How do I get money back from a friend without ruining our friendship?

Dear Gwyn, I lent my friend money a few months ago.  We both agreed that she would pay me back and that it was ok to remind her. Now it has been six months and I could really use the money back. I don’t want to pester her, and I don’t want to ruin our [...]

How to Balance a Dating Budget

Dear Gwyn, I’ve recently started dating this girl and she is so cheap!  When we go to restaurants she hardly eats or only picks side orders. When we go to movies she only wants to see the matinees.  I really like this girl, but sometimes I just want her to not be so cheap. She [...]

How do I budget with my brother for a surprise vacation for my mother?

Dear Gwyn, My mom’s 60th birthday is this Spring and my brother and I would like to surprise her with a trip to Costa Rica. I budgeted to share the cost of the plane ticket with my brother, but he is expecting me to also pay for all of the accommodations too. How do we [...]

How to Indicate Dinner Cost on an Invitation

Dear Ms. Gwyn A friend of mine is celebrating her big 3-0 birthday and I’m throwing her a party.  She asked for a dinner with friends.  We’ve reserved a private room at her favorite restaurant and coordinated a fixed menu with the chef. The cost per plate is a bit more than I can swing [...]

How much should you spend on presents for close friends and not-so-close friends?

Dear Gwyn, With the holidays upon us, I’m not sure how much money I should spend on gifts for friends. I am closer with some of my friends and family than others; how do I decide how much to spend? What’s that old expression, “It is better to give than receive” ?  Truthfully, who doesn’t [...]