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How to Host a Shower before a Destination Wedding and at Home Reception

Dear Gwyn, My daughter is having a destination wedding in October, I would like to have a shower for her but not sure who to invite and how to word the invitation when her AHR won’t be until the following June …. What is proper? Please help!!! More and more the non-traditional wedding is becoming [...]

How do I indicate guests of bridal shower are not invited to the wedding?

Hi Gwyn, I am hosting a bridal shower for the future daughter in law of a friend. We intend to invite friends who will not be invited to the small wedding in another state.  Would you have suggested wording that I could use on the shower invitation? As more couples choose destination weddings or opt [...]

Can I invite friends to a bridal shower who aren’t wedding guests?

Dear Gwyn, A good friend of mine is getting married in March and I’d like to throw her a shower. I’m not in the wedding party but am one of her few local friends.  Is it still o.k. to throw a party for her, or is that something that just a family member or member [...]

How to Gift for Mulitple Wedding Showers?

Dear Gwyn: It seems to be commonplace as of late, that a bride- or mommy-to-be have multiple showers thrown for them by different people in their lives. Sometimes guest lists overlap, and one finds oneself attending 2, maybe 3, showers for the same guest of honor. While I believe the more celebration, the better, celebrations [...]