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Tip(sy) Thursday

Facebook banter with friends is so much fun!  Until it gets a wee bit out of hand. Maybe it’s because you shared something that you don’t want your boss to see, or your friends posted a picture that opposed your “no red booze cups” rule. Whatever the reason, it’s time to nip those posts in the butt with [...]

How do I stop people next to me from reading my book?

Dear Gwyn, I travel quite a bit for work and most of the time use public transportation. I’m fortunate that my city has busses and a light rail  I also fly about once a month.  It seems like whenver I’m traveling or commuting, I have a someone next to me reading my book or looking at [...]

How do I let my roommates know that I don’t want to hang out with them?

Dear Gwyn, I have two roommates and as far as being roommates we are very compatible. However, our personalities outside of the house really don’t mesh. They like to party alot and are sloppy drunks and I prefer a glass of wine a good book.  They are always inviting me out to party and despite [...]

My roomate’s dog routinely destroys the house; how do I let my roommate take responsibility and take better care of the dog and our home?

Dear Gwyn, I share an apartment with two roommates. One of my roommates has a dog that he used to crate while we were out of the house. Recently he stopped crating him and he became a terror.  I came home from work the other day and the dog got into the trash, urinated on [...]

Is it acceptable to study in a coffee shop?

I’m a graduate student and often like to study off-campus at the local coffee shop.  Is it ok to study in a coffee shop and how long can I study there? As long as you are a patron, it is absolutely acceptable to get a change of scenery and spice up the long dull hours [...]