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Tip(sy) Thursday

Facebook banter with friends is so much fun!  Until it gets a wee bit out of hand. Maybe it’s because you shared something that you don’t want your boss to see, or your friends posted a picture that opposed your “no red booze cups” rule. Whatever the reason, it’s time to nip those posts in the butt with [...]

Using Your Cell Phone Around Friends

We’re all guilty of being distracted by our cell phones, even when we spend time with friends.  If you take the time to visit with your friend, you likely want to enjoy each other’s company. The distraction of the rest of the world takes away from this.  However, in today’s busy society the reality is [...]

How to stop chain emails?

We’ve all received the charming emails from our Aunt Sydney telling a heart-wrenching story before ending with the infamous “send this to ten people in the next five minutes to win a million dollars.” Or maybe it’s just a photo of a kitten dressed in Southern belle attire with a cheesy topical slogan. When your [...]