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How do I stop people next to me from reading my book?

Dear Gwyn, I travel quite a bit for work and most of the time use public transportation. I’m fortunate that my city has busses and a light rail  I also fly about once a month.  It seems like whenver I’m traveling or commuting, I have a someone next to me reading my book or looking at [...]

How do I ask for a seat on Southwest that someone is saving for a friend at the back of the line?

If you aren’t already familiar, Southwest Airlines has a unique, some say revolutionary, way to board their planes: there are no assigned seats. Rather, Southwest Airlines uses a first-come first-served basis to selecting seats. Of course, first-come is based on your flight status, whether you are traveling with children, if you active military…you get to [...]

How do I budget with my brother for a surprise vacation for my mother?

Dear Gwyn, My mom’s 60th birthday is this Spring and my brother and I would like to surprise her with a trip to Costa Rica. I budgeted to share the cost of the plane ticket with my brother, but he is expecting me to also pay for all of the accommodations too. How do we [...]

What is Proper Flight Etiquette?

Dear Gwyn, I travel for work frequently and I am constantly appalled by what fellow travelers consider proper flight etiquette.  What are the “must knows” of travel etiquette? How the times have changed! Flying to visit a friend from one coast to the other is no longer a rare occasion, rather it is becoming the [...]