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What kind of wedding party can I host locally for my son’s out of town wedding?

Dear Gwyn, My son is moving to another satae and will be married in that state this fall. Prior to him moving, I wanted to have an engagement party/wedding shower for him and his bride to be. I want him to be able to celebrate wiht friends/family here who will not be able to attend the wedding [...]


How Do We Let Wedding Shower Guests Know this is the Only Event

Dear Gwyn, My daughter is having a last minute private wedding for immediate family in less than 4 weeks. It’s coming together nicely but I have one issue. The groom’s mom wants to do a shower. The groom is in the Air Force and is only home for 14 days before re-assignment so I want [...]


Infrequent Advice

Dear Gwyn, I love reading your etiquette advice.  Why don’t you post more frequently? My, that is flattering!  I would love to post more frequently. In fact, if I could help to solve the world’s etiquette blunders full-time I would be on cloud nine. Sadly though, I have a full time job outside of The [...]

Tip(sy) Tuesday

When you come home to a pool of water and find yourself emergency dialing your trusty plumber, it takes all of your willpower to mutter about the unplanned cost too loudly. So when you receive the final bill the added worry of tipping on the spot is that little extra aggravation no one wants to face. The [...]


How do I let people know we’re having a small wedding?

I have a friend who is having a small wedding but there are several people who keep asking when he is getting married.  What is the polite way to let someone know they are not invited to the ceremony when they ask? Congratulations to your friend – getting married is a time of celebration.  Yes, [...]