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Balancing the Bride’s Dream Bachelorette and Guests’ Budgets

Hi Gwyn! Let me start off by saying, I follow your etiquette website and am a big fan. I had a question for you: I’m starting to plan a friend’s bachelorette party and it will be out of state. Because all of the bride’s friends are all over the country we are going to make [...]

How do I let people know we’re having a small wedding?

I have a friend who is having a small wedding but there are several people who keep asking when he is getting married.  What is the polite way to let someone know they are not invited to the ceremony when they ask? Congratulations to your friend – getting married is a time of celebration.  Yes, [...]

How do I indicate guests of bridal shower are not invited to the wedding?

Hi Gwyn, I am hosting a bridal shower for the future daughter in law of a friend. We intend to invite friends who will not be invited to the small wedding in another state.  Would you have suggested wording that I could use on the shower invitation? As more couples choose destination weddings or opt [...]

Can I invite friends to a bridal shower who aren’t wedding guests?

Dear Gwyn, A good friend of mine is getting married in March and I’d like to throw her a shower. I’m not in the wedding party but am one of her few local friends.  Is it still o.k. to throw a party for her, or is that something that just a family member or member [...]

Gifts for Engagement Parties and Wedding Events on a Budget

Hi Gwyn, A very good friend of mine just got engaged and will be getting married next year. I was just invited to an engagement party hosted by her future in-laws, whom I have never met. I am anticipating that between now and the wedding itself, there will be multiple other events (wedding shower, bachelorette [...]