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Fashionable Friday | Slips

Ladies,there is something that your mother may have insisted on as a child, but has since been thrown to the cavernous abyss of your childhood – that’s right, slips.  But the frilly, cheap material of past is long gone and there’s a new slip on the block.  Here is the beauty of a good slip: In the winter, a [...]

Tip(sy) Thursday

Facebook banter with friends is so much fun!  Until it gets a wee bit out of hand. Maybe it’s because you shared something that you don’t want your boss to see, or your friends posted a picture that opposed your “no red booze cups” rule. Whatever the reason, it’s time to nip those posts in the butt with [...]

How do you ask your coworkers to stop offering you food?

Dear Gwyn, How do you tell your coworker to stop offering you food? This happens to me every day and my colleague looks offended when I decline. Today she offered me carrot cak. I ate it because I felt bad, but now I feel worse for eating it. Yowsers!  It is so unfortunate that you have to [...]

How do I ask for a seat on Southwest that someone is saving for a friend at the back of the line?

If you aren’t already familiar, Southwest Airlines has a unique, some say revolutionary, way to board their planes: there are no assigned seats. Rather, Southwest Airlines uses a first-come first-served basis to selecting seats. Of course, first-come is based on your flight status, whether you are traveling with children, if you active military…you get to [...]

Office Coffee Etiquette

Office coffee might not be the best cup of Joe, but it certainly is appreciated as we start an early day at work.  When you walk into the office bleary eyed, it certainly is aggravating to prep the coffee for the entire office time after time.  Before you dump yesterday’s cold coffee on your colleagues [...]