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Should women expect men to hold the door?

Dear Gwyn, I think it is rude when I am walking with a guy and he goes through a doorway first. Boys still need to know that ladies go first!! How do I know when to expect this, and when men are just being rude? I am an advocate for equality between men and women, [...]

How to Remind an Acquaintance that You’ve Met Before

Dear Gwyn, This morning while at a work meeting, a gentleman came up to me to say hello. I had met him once before, in fact even gave a presentation for him, but he proceeded to introduce himself to me as if we had never met. I, of course, followed suit by introducing myself (again), [...]

What is the appropriate way to respond after an unplanned social encounter with your boss?

Last week, I ran into my supervisor at the store and she invited me to her house to look at some yard equipment that she might have been willing to part with.  Once there, she opened a bottle of wine and we chatted for a few hours before parting ways.  What’s the next step?  Does [...]

Are peep toes with a full suit considered appropriate work attire?

The short answer is yes, wear your peep toes!  I’ve had jobs that require wranglers, a cowboy hat and duster, and others that have a strict “business-professional” dress code.  The answer to appropriate work attire starts with knowing your job’s dress code and incorporating your personality and fashion sense from there. A professional work environment [...]