Using Your Cell Phone Around Friends

We’re all guilty of being distracted by our cell phones, even when we spend time with friends.  If you take the time to visit with your friend, you likely want to enjoy each other’s company. The distraction of the rest of the world takes away from this.  However, in today’s busy society the reality is that often we need to be accessible to many people at the same time.

What is the etiquette to checking your cell phone when you’re with friends?

If you are aware of a call or email you must address during your time together, let your friend know. Whether or not the call, text or email is planned or unplanned, when your immediate attention is required, apologize to your friend before responding. Do your best to keep the interruption brief and private.

At all costs, avoid:

  • Continually checking your phone
  • Responding to non-urgent matters
  • Trying to hold a conversation while texting or emailing

Judge your company and the situation to know how much if any time on the phone you can spend.  It’s hard to get away from the habit of “multi-tasking,” but more than ever our un-distracted attention with friends is both appreciated and respected.

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