How do I collect addresses from my wedding guests?

Wedding Invitation AddressesDear Gwyn,

I am getting married and am starting to confirm addresses for our save the dates and wedding invitations. This is a much more time consuming process than I thought it would be and there are some people who don’t want to share their addresses. What do I do when a guest doesn’t want to share her address?

Congratulations on your engagement! Planning a wedding should be a joyful and fun time. You will of course encounter your share of stresses, but a potential guest withholding his or her address certainly does not need to be a contributing element to your stress.  It is unfortunate that the guests you want to include in your wedding celebration are making their inclusion challenging.

There are several reasons that a guest may not share his or her address.  Hopefully, none of the reasons are malicious, and your guests are excited to attend your wedding.  Use your best judgement to get a sense of your guest’s reservation and provide polite response:

  • The guest does not respond to your request for her address: It may be that your guest is not longer availabie at the phone number, email or address you are contacting him or her. Reach out again or ask a mutual friend or member of your bridal party to pass on your request.  Be sure to let your guest know why you need the address!
  • The guest does not want to give her address: Not everyone uses a traditional mailing address, or checks his or her PO Box. Explain to your guest that you’d like the best form of contact for him or her, even if it is an email address.
  • The guest does not have a mailing address: Assming that your guest knows that youare intending to send a wedding invitaiton, a guest who still refuses to provide a form of contact may not be a guest you want to keep on your guest list!

At the end of the wedding, the most important thing is your nuptials with your fiance.  If you make an effort to share this with the friends and family of your choice you’ve done your duty!