Fashionable Friday | Filson

Every proper lady knows that fashion is only fashionable in the right setting. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Prada Pumps and Banana Republic Bangles.  But, neither of these are suitable for trips to the family ranch (can you say, City Slickers?), fly fishing in Alaska, or just sitting by a campfire.  A  perfectly fitted vest with lines that scream “classic” are that perfect merge of functional fashion when you’re hacking a new mount.

So, it’s with a heavy heart that I share today’s news: the iconic Seattle brand, Filson, sold from a California manufacturing group to one out of Dallas manufacturing group.  As a Seattle native, the brand is as much as part of the culture as flying fish and the rain. While it is unknown what this sale will do to the quality of product, it is time to reflect for a moment on the classic outdoorsy products.