Fashionable Friday | Holiday Dressy

 The holiday season is upon us. As we get ready to enjoy the winter festivities, each holiday party requires the ever-so-different outfit. What does “holiday dressy mean?”

Dressing the part is so much less about being right and so much more abot making yourself, the host(ess) and guests feel comfortable and allow each other to focus on the party.  When it comes to any party, and a holiday party is no exception, there are cues which will help you pick the perfect couture.

  • Time of day: A daytime formal event or wedding requires different attire than the evening equivaliant.  For a brunch, be sure to dress conservatively and lighter tones.  For the evening, throw on a darker tones and or a bit of sheen or sparkle.
  • Weather: In addition to the season, check the weather Winter in the Northeast is quite different than Winter in Texas.  It would be dreadful to be too warm in furs at a Dallas holiday party.
  • Trend vs. Tone: Not only is knowing the latest trends important, take note of the event.  This season’s peplum skirt may be all the rage at your advertising company’s Christmas celebration, but less envied at your Grandmother’s conservative Christmas Eve

Don’t be afraid to throw a little of your own personality or flair into your outfit.  A little bit of sparkle or personality never hurt anyone!