Fashionable Friday | Slips

Womens-SlipsLadies,there is something that your mother may have insisted on as a child, but has since been thrown to the cavernous abyss of your childhood – that’s right, slips.  But the frilly, cheap material of past is long gone and there’s a new slip on the block.  Here is the beauty of a good slip:

In the winter, a slip keeps your cute wool Rag & Bone dress from catching on your tights.

In the summer, a slip keeps your J Crew jersey dress from showing off your assets while highlighting your assets.

All the time a slip flatters your body but hides what we don’t don’t want to show.

Not every slip is equal. Personally I love the Commando brand. Just like a good bra, it’s improtant to find one that fits, conceals and is the right color for  your attire.