Is giving a pie as a housewarming gift the appropriate welcome?

Dear Gwyn,

My husband and I are debating the best way to welcome our new neighbors to the building.  Should I take homemade pies to welcome  our new neighbors?

Please send me the name of your apartment building and I will be signing a lease tomorrow. This is the most delicious house-warming I’ve heard.

Welcoming a neighbor is a wonderful way to set the tone of your community be it suburbia, an apartment building, or a town home in the city.  No more than a simple knock on the door and hello is necessary, but know that your first introduction truly leaves a lasting impression.

  • Find a time when you new neighbor isn’t overwhelmed moving boxes or rushing to work on a new commute.  Having a moment or two to say hello will make the introduction much more pleasant.
  • Share your name and let your new neighbor know where you live. Don’t be offended when your name escapes his or her mind the next time you bump into each other; moving is an exhausting experience physically and mentally.
  • Keep the conversation light and try not to overwhelm him or her with all the neighborhood gossip and nosy questions….at least not until you’ve polished off a bottle of wine together,
  • Offer a good-will gift. This may be something a traditional as wine or a pie (yum and yum), or the less costly offer to give your new neighbor directions to the nearest delicatessen.

Taking the time to meet your neighbors is more than just polite, it builds a friendly community.  The next time a neighbor moves in, feel free to bake a pie, but know that just your warm welcome will be well received.

And if ever we are neighbors, apple pie à la mode, please.