How to Say No to Imposing Friends?

LePhotographyDear Gwyn,

I am going hunting at my girlfriend’s family property this weekend.  A friend of mine is meeting me there on Saturday morning for a guy’s weekend.  About a week before our trip he decided to bring his wife and dog. Now he is also asking to head up on Friday night before me. The property and cabin isn’t mine. How do I tell him that I’m not comfortable asking my girlfriend’s family to allow him to arrive early?

It is so nice of your girlfriend’s family to invite you onto their property and use their cabin and land for hunting. It’s even more generous of them to allow you to have a guy’s weekend there with your friend. It sounds like you have a keeper for a girlfriend!

Apparently though, your girlfriend’s generosity has been completely overlooked by your hunting buddy.  It is completely thoughtless of him to first invite his wife and dog, but then to have the audacity to invite himself up early.  Sometimes our closests friends forget their manners.

Be honest with your friend about your expectations as well as your girlfriend’s family’s expectations.  Honesty will keep your boundaries clear and help you avoid any confusion.

Let your friend know that your girlfriend’s family has been kind enough to let you take a vacation there, but that it is not your invitation to extend.

Iterate the time and place you are meeting on Saturday and leave the conversation at that.

Have a fun, safe and successful weekend.