How do I ask my neighbors to turn off the annoying holiday decorations and music?

Dear Gwyn,

I love the holidays, but my neighbor is starting to make me a bitter scrooge.  They have a lot of decorations on their lawn and one of the decorations plays “Jingle Bells” on repeat all night long. I can hear the music in my house and it is driving me nuts. I don’t want to make enemies with my neighbor, but I can’t handle the music.  What do I do?

Personally I am a fan of more classic holiday decor. A little holly, a seasonal wreath. and some tasteful lights. The new trend towards inflatable Santas and lifesize snowglobes is a bit tasteless. Add music, and you’ve crossed the line from celebrating the holidays to ruining the season for others.  In other words, I sympathize with you.

It is nice of you to hold out this long in an effort to keep friendly relations with your neighbors, however, they are clearly being inconsiderate of you so it is time to speak up. If you are lucky, your neighbors are clueless about how obnoxious they are being and they will be grateful that you bring this faux-paux to their attention.

  1. Talk to Your Neighbor: As tempted as you may be to throw eggs at the offending decoration, you will need to address the issue in personal. Let your neighbor know that you can hear the music in your home throughout the night.
  2. Offer a Compromise: For some reason your neighbor loves this decoration and feels it is bringing joy to the neighborhood. Ask that the time be limited to one hour in the  evening.
  3. Remain Friendly: Although it has been an absolute headache to listen to the music and you  may be peeved to even address the issue, be thankful that you are able to have the conversation and leave your true frustrations at home.  Keep your neighbors neighborly.