Office Coffee Etiquette

Office coffee might not be the best cup of Joe, but it certainly is appreciated as we start an early day at work.  When you walk into the office bleary eyed, it certainly is aggravating to prep the coffee for the entire office time after time.  Before you dump yesterday’s cold coffee on your colleagues lap, take a moment to breathe and maybe share these notes with your office mates.

Keep the pot full.  Whether you have a traditional coffee maker or new one-cup Keurig, it’s nice to fill up the water tank.  If you are lucky enough to find a full tank a few times in a row, be nice and top off the water. Your colleagues will be thankful.

Take out the empties.  Nobody likes to throw away other people’s trash. After you kick the pot of coffee or finish filling your one-cup, dump the grounds or k-cup so others don’t have to clean up after you. Your colleagues will appreciate it, and it is better for the life of the machine.  Win. Win.

Happy brewing!