Are peep toes with a full suit considered appropriate work attire?

The short answer is yes, wear your peep toes!  I’ve had jobs that require wranglers, a cowboy hat and duster, and others that have a strict “business-professional” dress code.  The answer to appropriate work attire starts with knowing your job’s dress code and incorporating your personality and fashion sense from there.

A professional work environment that requires a full suit does not typically require you to stick to the same uniform everyday of a suit pant or skirt, dress shirt, jacket and pumps with ever-so-slight change between wool and summer-weight-wool between seasons.  How bland!  Instead even in the most formal of work environments, you are granted the tiniest breath of fresh air to express a hint of your personality.  And this (hooray!) includes the shoes!

The easiest parts of your outfit to play with are shoes, tops and accessories.  For tops, consider a colorful blouse, perhaps something with a pattern to brighten your pants.  For accessories, pick something that fits your personality but doesn’t overwhelm.  For shoes, please please please wear seasonal shoes.  Provided that you are referring to Spring and Summer, yes, peep toes or strappy heals are acceptable even with a pant suit.

As you start to play with your work attire options keep a few things in mind:

  • Your attire should be seasonally appropriate
  • As the old adage goes: dress for the job you want, not the job you have
  • If you can go straight to the clubs from work, your clothes are not appropriate (unless you work at a club)

Good luck, happy toes, and don’t forget the pedicure.