How do I catch up with an old friend?

Dear Gwyn,

A long lost friend has been on my mind.  I would like to reach out with an email but don’t know if I should keep the email brief or share my life’s story since we last spoke.  What is the best way to say “hi” after all of this time?  

Reminiscing with friends is such a fun occasion!  But as we all know, it can take a bit of courage to initiate the conversation.  Before you shoot over an email or pick up the phone, take a moment to think about if you are looking for a quick “hello” or to see each other on a regular basis.

Purpose of the reunion.  Before you reach out to your friend, decide on what you would like to get out of the reunion. Perhaps you just want to catch up, Maybe you want to get together for coffee. Or would you like to start to see each other on a regular basis?

Form of communication. It is easy to post on a friend’s Facebook wall or send a quick text. It takes bit more thought to send an email and certainly to pick up the phone and call. If you just want to keep the communication open until you decide to re-engage your friendship, a quick text might do the trick. But, if you are looking to get together with your friend or catch up this moment, pick up the phone and have a chat.

Keep it light.  As much as you may want to share your entire life story all at once, you’ll either have the opportunity to do so as the two of you begin to catch up, or quite sadly your friend isn’t looking to reconnect and you will have shared too much.

It is exciting to reconnect with an old friend.  And your friend may have missed you as much as you’ve missed her.  However, as we all grow into our own lives, we do at times grow apart from friends.  Good luck and hopefully your friend is just as excite to split a bottle of chardonnay and reminisce on old times.

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