How to stop chain emails?

We’ve all received the charming emails from our Aunt Sydney telling a heart-wrenching story before ending with the infamous “send this to ten people in the next five minutes to win a million dollars.” Or maybe it’s just a photo of a kitten dressed in Southern belle attire with a cheesy topical slogan. When your inbox starts to fill with, the sentiment of irritation rises.

How do we stop the chain emails?

First, take a deep breath and remind yourself that a snarky response to the group may only inspire your Aunt to remove you from the will.

There are two polite options:

  • Don’t open the email. In truth, other than the feeling of a cluttered inbox, the effort of deleting an email is nearly effortless. And your lack of response to the email time after time might just give the sender a hint.
  • Send a polite “no thank you.” Sometimes the effort of deleting an email becomes a hassle when you are deleting the email and every other “reply all” response. Let your friend know that you would like to stay in touch and would enjoy personal email correspondence in lieu of group emails.

Now of course if your efforts are ignored there is always the mark as spam option but give the first two options a chance and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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