When is it acceptable to wear sweatpants or workout clothes in public?

Changing into comfortable attire after a long day of work can be just heavenly. Sweatpants can be the ingredient to make your movie night perfect.  However, just as we consider our company and the event we are attending as we pull together our outfits for the day, we cannot forget that sweatpants have a purpose and make a statement.

How you present yourself in public is a reflection of how you value the situation and the people with whom you interact.  Those stunning Jimmy Choo pumps may be perfect for the wedding you’re attending this Saturday, but wear them at the gym and you’re going to confuse a lot of people and probably do a number on your ankles.

Casual has a place; before you throw on your sweats and hit the streets, consider this:

When you wear your sweatpants or workout attire outside of these situations, you are telling the people you interact with that not only do you not care about yourself, frankly you don’t value them or their time.

Throw on a more presentable outfit and keep those sweatpants or workout clothes at the back of your closest when you are:

  • Flying.  Despite competitive pricing, flying is still a luxury and should be treated as such. And if that doesn’t resonate, your seatmate might be the CEO of your dream job or next relationship.  If you still can’t stay away from sweatpants and those dreaded sorority letters across your derriere, find a loose fitting casual pant.
  • A patron at any establishment.  Yes, this includes shopping at the mall and restaurants.  Do you want your waitstaff or personal shopper to give you a little attention? Perhaps you should dress like you can afford more than a ten cent cup of coffee.
  • Anywhere other than the places listed below.  That’s right, unless your destination is on the shortlist below, sweatpants and workout attire should not touch your skin.

This is not to say there isn’t a place for workout clothes and sweatpants. Indeed sweatpants can be worn in public. They are comfortable, flexible, and with brands like LuLuLemon, they are quite fashionable. Nonetheless, they also say that you are ready to work hard and get sweaty.

Sweatpants can be worn:

  • At home.  It’s your house, wear what you want.
  • Working out.  Whether you are heading to and from the gym or working out, this is the place for your sweats and workout clothes.  After all, its why these clothes were invented.
  • Quick errands.  Keep this to the basics like fueling up the car, the pharmacy
  • When you are sick.  Anything flies when you need to feel better but please do your best to keep your cold or flu to yourself.

And yes, “sweatpants” includes those awful velour track suits.

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